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House SOFT Wash

Typically our Soft House Washing services include:


  • Siding 

  • Soffits 

  • Windows 

  • Exterior of your Gutters

  • Gentle exterior house cleaning

We do house washing on a variety of materials including: Vinyl, cedar, hardie plank, aluminum, brick. We use a soft wash approach with biodegradable cleaning solution to ensure your siding is cleaned properly without the use of a pressure washer or high pressure.

Whether we are cleaning a home, work shop or shed in Langley and Abbotsford a big concern homeowners have is if we use high pressure to clean their vinyl siding. We do NOT use high pressure or a pressure washer to wash your vinyl. Using a high pressure washer on vinyl can do damage to your siding.

We use our soft wash system to ensure the siding on your home is washed safely, softly, and effectively. We do not use a power washer to clean the vinyl siding on your home. We use our cleaning agents to ensure that mildew, dirt, and algae are all removed from the siding of your home. Once we have cleaned your siding, we ensure the grounds are left clean and that debris is not left behind after our cleaning.

We have washed vinyl siding on hundreds of homes in Langley, Abbotsford and Aldergrove.

How Often Should I Get a House Wash?

We recommend a house washing once per year. This is typically done in the spring time after our wet winters. Of particular attention is the north side of your home which typically attracts the mildew over the rainy months. Our technicians take great care to ensure your house is squeaky clean for the spring time!

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