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Roof Cleaning

Did you know that your roof can be stained by different forms of algae that can actually eat roof material that reduces the life of your roof?

Our special disinfectant solution, safe when applied by our trained professionals, will eliminate any form of growth on your roof.

The disinfectant solution that our professionals use help restore your roof to its original colour.

This type of roof maintenance is recommended to homeowners who are looking to have a clean and healthy roof.

Preventative maintenance will add to the longevity and function of the roof and improve the curb appeal of your home. Save thousands of dollars with proper roof maintenance. Roof fungus is the reason 35% of all roofs are replace prematurely as it literally begins to eat away at your roof shingles.

Our services include

Treatment Preparation:

  • Carefully manual removal of moss, which will not damage the tile, shingles

  • Debris cleared from roof

  • Gutters cleaned (interior)

Proprietary Roof Treatment

  • Treatment of roof with our algae and moss removal solution.

  •  Kills remaining moss  and spores, mold, mildew & lichen. Moss and algae removal from roofs

  •  Kills black algae, removing black stains and restoring original colouring of the roof to near new.

Includes 2 Years No Moss Guarantee!

We will retreat affected areas at no cost to the homeowner

(Does not include roof aspects with overhanging trees or downspouts draining on roof)
Proper maintenance will ensure longevity of roof.

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